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Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Heuser Chiropractic

“ I am so happy to finally find a good chiropractor! I had tried a few different offices out and was dissatisfied. I came in for their free appointment and was blown away by this office! First of all, Dr. E was amazing!! During my exam, he was very thorough and made me feel extremely comfortable. Then I took Xrays and scheduled for the next day. The next day I came back and was brought to a room to go over my X-rays. Dr. E explained in great detail what exactly was the issue. He explained how we could fix my problems and how long it would take. I was then given my free treatment which was amazing!!!!! The girls on the floor were all extremely friendly and I felt right at home. After receiving my free treatment (which was the best adjustment I've ever had) I knew this is a place that could help me. Not only do I go in now but I also entrust Dr. E with my 7-week old boy now as well. I would recommend Heuser Chiropractic to anyone that is looking to get out of pain!”

Laura J.

“ Awesome staff......Veteran friendly.....Bridgette, Kayla, and Tiffany are always very welcoming....Staff really makes you feel comfortable.....Dr. Dana and Dr. Heuser are very caring and their treatment plans have you beginning to feel relief in the first few sessions. ”

Ingrid C.

“ You are not going to find another chiropractor in town that does corrective care like Heuser Chiropractic does. Dr. Dana and staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Wish I hadn’t wasted time and money at other offices that touted “corrective care” and did not come close to what they do here. Nonetheless, I’m glad I’m here now and so is my family.”

Liz D.

“ My sister was in severe pain and had missed work one night already. We couldn’t get her into where we normally went for chiropractic care because they were full for the day. Almost everywhere we called couldn’t get her in until we called Heuser. We got her in to be seen the same day and they greatly relieved much of her pain that day too. Now my daughter and I are going as well. I didn’t think my daughter needed chiropractic care because our other girl practice said she was fine and didn’t need X-rays. They did the X-rays for her here because she is extremely pigeon-toed. Just looking at the X-rays made me very angry at the other chiropractic office. My daughter's back looks like it is twisted out of shape and her hips are misaligned. If not for Heuser, we would have never known this. They are now helping fix all three of our backs and I feel much better when I leave here than I ever did when leaving the other office. Thank you to everyone who works at this office for all your diligence and care.”

Aaija S.

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